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Organizing Your Way to a Better 2021

On a scale of 1 to 10, how stressful was 2020 for you? Off the charts for sure! How would you like to purge 2020 away? YES, PLEASE! I don't know about you, but I am all about reducing stress and eliminating anxiety in 2021. One way to combat the anxiety is purging, donating, and organizing.

Handling Change Through Daily Routine

After being at home 24/7 for two months, I knew that I would need some consistency in my new schedule upon returning to the office. I committed to creating a new morning routine for myself that would allow me to maximize my energy and attitude for the day as well as bring some normalcy to my daily life.

Life: 100 Seconds at a Time

Running has provided me medals, accolades, confidence, moments of heartache and even lost toenails. Yet recently, running has taught me to take challenges in life one at a time, to take life 100 seconds at a time.

Silver Linings in the Darkest of Clouds

In a time of grim uncertainty, let’s make sure it is these silver linings that will serve as our memories of this time decades from now and not the news headlines and press conferences.

You Deserve Better

If service is something you value in health care, I welcome you to join me and try something that was built to be intentionally different. I believe my patients deserve this level of service and I take pride in doing my best to provide this every day to every patient I treat.‍

How I Won my Battle with Insomnia

Studies have shown that over 25% of Americans have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. I hope that writing about my personal struggle can make a small difference. I challenge anyone reading this article to make at least one change in an attempt to improve your sleep health.

How to Help Improve Your Dental Insurance

Our patients are often intimidated and confused by their dental insurance.Modern day dental insurance can be frustrating to our patients, myself and my team as well. Insurance companies tend to keep their clients uninformed and in the dark, to the point where many of them do not even provide actual dental insurance cards. If you have ever been dissatisfied with your dental insurance, don’t worry! My team and I are here to help you alleviate some of this stress.

Small Business Spotlight

Coinciding with our 4th year practice anniversary, I’m excited to announce our next community-minded program. Each month, we will be featuring a different local business in what we’re calling our “Small Business Spotlight.”

Meditation: The Art of Doing Nothing

There are more distractions than ever in our lives today. Meditation is a non-religious, pressure-free, calming way to isolate yourself from these distractions. The practice of mindfulness meditation is a simple habit to develop with an endless list of benefits.


In our busy world, we are pulled in so many directions and this stress can be overwhelming. There are an endless list of items demanding our attention and everyone struggles with maintaining that magic word: BALANCE.