Celebrating Two Years at Moore Dental at Lewis Center

It was still dark as I walked across the quiet parking lot towards the back door of my new dental practice. It was an early Tuesday morning in August of 2015. Everything was new to me – a new town, new patients, new staff and a new opportunity to be part of a growing community. Thanks to this wonderful community, the last two years have been more rewarding than I could have imagined.

Ask a Dentist: Why Do I Need a Night Guard?

Why might a dentist suggest a night guard for you or a loved one? Most of us know someone who grinds their teeth at night. In this month's blog post, I hope to summarize my thoughts to a question I often hear: "Why Do I Need a Night Guard?"

How the Infantry Helped me Decide to Buy a Dental Practice

The sharp sound of several M249 squad automatic weapons ring out across an open field. While the machine guns provide suppressive fire, a group of young Marines armed with M16A4 rifles advance on a target. Suddenly, the burst of an AT4 anti-tank rocket punctuates the battle.......

Our Grandparents and Our Path to Lewis Center

My grandparents had such an overwhelming influence on me as a child. They continue to make an impact on the decisions my family and I make to this day.

Ask a Dentist: How Should I Whiten my Teeth?

One of the most common questions I hear in our dental office is, "I would like whiter teeth, but how should I whiten my teeth?" There are so many options for tooth whitening today and it can be very confusing. I will try to simplify this popular topic once and for all in this month's blog post.

Why Breaking My Jaw Made Me Want to Become a Dentist

It was the summer of 1998. At fourteen years old, I was admitted to Mercy Hospital in Tiffin Ohio. A nun whispered a prayer as my parents stood at my bedside, holding my hand.....

How Training for Triathlons Has Made Me a Better Dentist

Five thousand people line up in front of a cold body of water just after dawn on a Sunday morning. Most are wearing nothing but swim suits, a swimming cap and goggles and are about to voluntarily endure hours of continuous pain.....