How to Help Improve Your Dental Insurance

"Dental insurance does not actually insure anything. It is more like a benefit that acts like a coupon.” You can hear me say this on a daily basis in our office. Our patients are often intimidated and confused by their dental insurance. Modern day dental insurance can be frustrating to our patients, myself and my team as well. Insurance companies tend to keep their clients uninformed and in the dark, to the point where many of them do not even provide actual dental insurance cards.

If you have ever been dissatisfied with your dental insurance, don’t worry! My team and I are here to help you alleviate some of this stress.  If your insurance is through an employer, please contact your Human Resources department during this year’s Open Enrollment Period. Often times, employees are signed up for a dental plan without being informed of the dental program details. A quick call with your HR Representative may help you understand your insurance plan options and help maximize your benefits for next year.

After discussing your company’s program choices with your HR Representative, feel free to call my office or stop in for a quick conversation. My team and I can help you better understand your insurance options and help you choose a plan that is best for you. With a bit of research, I have seen patients improve their benefits without much or any additional cost to them. My team and I want to help empower our patients to receive the best coverage for them and their family. Make 2020 the year that you get the most out of your dental insurance"coupon"!

Cheers to dental health,

Dr. Cliff Moore

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