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I walk into a crowded reception area and make my way towards the front desk. A small glass window slides open and an unwelcoming voice asks me to sign my name on a sheet. I have a seat and mess around on my smartphone well past my scheduled appointment time. Finally, someone calls my name, looking around at unfamiliar faces. She has no idea who I am or what I am there for today. I raise my hand and join her behind the heavy, windowless door.


This was my experience with customer service in health care. Unfortunately, you may have had a similar experience in a medical or dental office. Upon graduating from dental school at Ohio State and entering the Navy as a dental officer, I began to think about how I would want patients to be treated at an office I would own someday. I had not worked out the details yet, but I was determined to make sure the experience my future patients would have was the exact opposite of what myself and many others encounter with “big box” health care.


While in the Navy, I was able to work in a family dental practice off base on nights and weekends. This opportunity allowed me to view what was possible in dental customer service, but I knew I wanted to set my goals even higher. I wanted to be proud of treating every patient just as I treated my loved ones. I wanted to bring the feel of a small-town dental practice to a bigger city. I wanted to live where my patients lived, be an active part of that city and serve my community both inside and outside the walls of the practice.


With this vision in mind, I found Lewis Center to be the perfect home for my family and for my dental practice. You deserve to be treated like family. You deserve to be known as an individual whose needs and concerns are understood before you even arrive. You are busy and deserve to have your time respected. Before I ever treated a patient at Moore Dental at Lewis Center, I began implementing a standard for customer service that I hoped would serve as an example in the health care field.


Everything we do at Moore Dental at Lewis Center reflects our respect for those who trust us with their care and our promise to leave this community better than we found it. If service is something you value in health care, I welcome you to join me and try something that was built to be intentionally different. I believe my patients deserve this level of service and I take pride in doing my best to provide this every day to every patient I treat.

Cheers to dental health,

Dr. Cliff Moore

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