Silver Linings in the Darkest of Clouds

It’s safe to say that the past two months have been the most bizarre and anxious time in nearly all of our lives. We have all been overwhelmed by news headlines and worrying for the safety of our loved ones. Being so isolated and out of our routines can make every day feel like “Groundhog’s Day”. All of these new challenges can cause us to focus on everything negative and miss the positive parts of each day, however small they may be.

My family and I have been fortunate enough to be safe and together at home. While we have experienced daily bouts with anxiety, frustration and boredom, we have also tried to focus on the silver linings in these darkest of clouds. Joe has changed so much recently, as two-year olds tend to do. Watching him mature, change and talk more every day has been an absolute joy. In addition to time with our young children, Katie and I have certainly been together more than ever recently, but we miss our date nights at local restaurants. On a random Sunday night recently, we decided to trade the sweatpants in for dress clothes, light some candles, order takeout and play board games.

The highlight of this quarantine, however, was a very big event in Clare’s life. On a Monday afternoon, Clare and Joe were playing in our basement when she ran up to me, holding a tooth in her hand. She had lost her first tooth! As a dad and a dentist, I was so proud and excited. As she ran upstairs to show her mom, I realized if our dental office had been open I would have missed this important event. It is a small, but incredible moment that I am so blessed to have been able to share and will certainly never forget.

Soon enough, we will all transition from our lives as involuntary hermits to whatever our “new normal” will be. As this time of isolation comes to an end, let’s make a plan to come out of this better than ever. Join me in taking the time to be present and identify the small, positive moments in each day. In a time of grim uncertainty, let’s make sure it is these silver linings that will serve as our memories of this time decades from now and not the news headlines and press conferences.

Cheers to dental health,

Dr. Cliff Moore

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