Educating and Mentoring in Our Community

As a local business owner and resident of Lewis Center, I believe everyone has a role to play in creating a great community. Lewis Center provides many opportunities to get involved in outreach work. I consider it an exciting and positive day when I am able to make an impact outside the physical walls of Moore Dental and connect with our community.

2019: A Year of Gratitude

I am committed to practicing gratitude every day this year. I believe that intentionally practicing small acts of gratitude each day will allow me to be my best self and create an incredible and positive 2019 for myself, my family and my patients.

How to Make Sure Your Child Never Gets a Cavity

Simply put, the are two only reasons children get cavities in their baby teeth: 1. Not brushing well enough or long enough 2. Eating and drinking too much sugar Obviously, this topic is more complicated than this, though. In hopes of providing a simple blueprint, I would like to explain how best to take care of children’s teeth.

Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love

Whether it is a high school student afflicted with paralyzing “Senioritis” or a stay-at-home mother looking to return to the workforce, we all know someone who is struggling with decisions regarding their future. I recently read “Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport. This interesting book is more about its subtitle, “Why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love”, than it is about the famous Steve Martin quote from which it derives its main title. I dissected this book less for my own career’s benefit, but more for the patients of all ages I see who are deciding college majors and career changes.

DIY Orthodontics – Unethical or just Dangerous?

There are many Do It Yourself home projects that can be fun, rewarding and thrifty. Many people enjoy creating a garden and or working on craft projects at home. Adventurous DIY enthusiasts may even make their own yogurt, laundry detergent or wine! However, most of us would cringe at the thought of Do It Yourself dental or medical procedures. Yet there are multi million-dollar companies offering these services and I find it extremely concerning (at best) and these procedures have the potential to be extremely dangerous.

(Finally) A Place to Call Home

The moving trucks pulled away. The barrage of utility companies and various installerscompleted their work. Our young family settledin among the stacks of unopened boxes and half-assembled furniture. Yesterday, my family and I moved into a newhome in Lewis Center. After over sevenyears of marriage, we were spending our first night in a place that we could(finally) call our home.

Veterans Appreciation Day

On Monday, November 12th, I will be offering free dental services to ANY veteran! If you know a veteran who may be interested, PLEASE have them call 740-548-5100 to schedule a free appointment for that day.

Ask a Dentist: Are Sports Drinks as Bad as Soft Drinks?

I speak to hundreds of elementary and preschool students every year about their oral health. My favorite part of these visits is the Question and Answer portion. I ask questions like, “How many times a day should you brush your teeth?” and “What are some drinks that are bad for your teeth?” In response to my question about unhealthy drinks, “pop” or “soda” is always the first answer. Sometimes I’ll hear “juice” or “chocolate milk”. Then, I tell students that sports drinks have almost as much sugar as soft drinks. At times, the teachers look just as surprised as the students.

Are Your Thursdays Remarkable?

Every day has the opportunity to be Remarkable. Creating these days is purposeful and takes plenty of hard work. Setting goals, staying focused, living healthy and treating others with kindness has allowed me to experience Remarkable Thursdays.

Serving Those Who Served

As a dental officer in the Navy, it was the greatest honor of my life to serve the Marines and Sailors at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. After choosing to settle with my family in Lewis Center and start a dental practice, I wanted to continue this service in whatever way possible. In addition to the many community events I support, I focus much of my philanthropy on local veteran-related organizations.