Why Should a Two-Year Old Have a Dental Checkup?

Loud hallways, hundreds of bustling students, a classroom full of strangers, a new teacher at the front of class. Anxiety, the unknown.  We all remember that feeling we had on the first day of school.  For most young children, a first visit to the dental office can have that same anxious feeling.  Luckily, I love seeing children at Moore Dental and my team has many ways to reduce the anxiety some children might feel at the dental office.

The ABC's of "Why a two-year old should have a dental checkup"


I treat a lot of young patients at my office and rarely find cavities or dental problems in toddlers. These appointments are more about educating parents, answering their questions and reducing the child's anxiety.  Getting two and three-year old patients used to sitting in the dental chair and having a stranger look in their mouth is similar to exposing them to the pool at a young age.  If you wait until a child is six or seven and throw them in a pool or bring them to their first dental appointment, their anxiety is going to be much higher.


When I see a toddler at my office, I keep in mind that I want to be their dentist when they are my age.   We use those toddler years to start with short exams and build up to a full dental appointment, if needed.  That way, if a patient needs sealants or a tooth wiggled out at our office when they are six or seven, that would just be one additional part of the regular appointment instead of a whole new, anxiety-filled event.


Whether an adult patient is relaxed or anxious at a dental appointment is usually rooted in their dental experiences as a child. The key to avoiding an anxious adult patient is creating positive dental experiences at a young age.  At Moore Dental, I love creating great experiences for all of our patients.

Why should a two-year old have a dental checkup?  To build a trusting relationship with their dentist and avoid the dental anxiety that plagues many adult patients.

Do you know a toddler who has not had their first positive dental experience?  Give us a call and we will get them started.

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