Our Patient Promise

Simon Sinek’s groundbreaking book “Start With Why” has been a source of inspiration to me since before I even opened Moore Dental at Lewis Center. Toward the end of my Navy career, it helped me define why I wanted to start a dental practice. I recently revisited his motivational and challenging book again in order to create our Patient Promise.

“Start With Why” points out that an organization can explain WHAT it does and HOW they do it, but very few can clearly articulate WHY. Sinek reinforces my belief that everything you do should demonstrate WHY you do it. Phrases like “What you do communicates what you believe” help me guide our team members to actually practice what we preach every day.

Using the principles from “Start With Why” along with my vision for how we want to treat people at our practice helped us formulate Moore Dental at Lewis Center’s Patient Promise:

“EVERYTHNG we do reflects

OUR RESPECT for those who trust us with their care and

OUR PROMISE to leave this community a better place than we found it”

This is so much more than a simple vision statement, mission statement or marketing tagline. This is my personal promise to everyone we encounter at Moore Dental at Lewis Center. This Patient Promise articulates WHY we do what we do and our entire team strives every day to live by this promise.

Cheers to dental health,

Dr. Cliff Moore

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