How Seattle Made Me a Better Dentist

Sitting in the same classroom. For 11 hours each day. For five straight days. Learning about teeth. It probably sounds like torture to most people, but the five days I spent in a classroom in Seattle last October changed the way I’ll look at teeth forever.

I consider Dr. Kois to be the best dental mind in the world. It was an honor to spend an entire week learning directly from the world’s expert on challenging dental topics. The Kois Center provides advanced graduate level training for practicing dentists. This course covered issues such as Functional Occlusion (how teeth come together) and Complex Treatment Planning.

Dr. John Kois’ internationally-renowned Kois Center sits directly on beautiful Lake Union in Seattle, Washington. This “Evidence Based Dental Teaching Center” is not your typical classroom. With large desks, cushioned chairs, personal desk heaters and a stocked snack station, the staff make the 55-hour week of learning as comfortable as possible.

Even after more than a decade of schooling and practice, Dr. Kois’ genius and intellectual vision pushed me to analyze and solve challenging dental problems. The Kois Center curriculum offers dozens of courses and I plan on continuing my training in Seattle in the near future. Gaining an understanding of such abstract issues as occlusion and complex treatment planning allows me to provide the best care possible to our community. I look forward to my next course at the Kois Center as much as my wife looks forward to taking in the sights of beautiful Seattle again.

Cheers to dental health,

Dr. Cliff Moore

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